The Hidden Mind Therapy

The Hidden Mind Therapy
The Hidden Mind Therapy

The Hidden Mind Therapy

There is a new awakening of consciousness with regard to how we cope with the many diseases that are prevalent in our society and people are beginning to question the inevitability of the disease process. We now know more than we ever have about the human body. Never before have so many medications and treatments been available to so many people. This begs the question as to why so many diseases are on the increase in our western society. People are looking for answers and many of them are searching outside of the current medical model and have turned to natural remedies including energy healing to find solutions and answers.

People are realising that they can be educated to play the primary role in maintaining their own health. Empowering people is the pathway to healing. People can be empowered by restoring the natural function of the body’s energy fields and by raising awareness as to the importance of the power of thought. Our thoughts, our belief systems, our feelings and emotions have a massive impact on our physical bodies. Consciousness creates the physical molecules. What we think and perceive eventually makes its way down to the cellular level. The bio-field (or aura), chakra and meridian systems are very important elements in maintaining health. Everything that happens to us both positive and negative, affects the underlying energetic blue print of the body.  It is negative and traumatic experiences that affect our body’s energy systems and disrupts the natural flow of life-force energy through these systems and the body itself.

It has been suggested that we are each born with an innate knowledge of who we are and what our life purpose is but somehow along life’s path we become side tracked by our environment and experiences and dramas and we lose the memory. Tapping into the infinite knowledge of the universe is our birth right but we are being hindered from doing so by our co-dependent nature. The nature of our co-dependence is firmly rooted in our conditioning which favours the dominant paradigm and the balance of power. Modern medicine denies the value of intuition and emotion and has little time for authority, in spite of being authoritarian. It mostly only values biomedical theory and is fundamentally empirical, often denying or rejecting other forms of healing or healthcare in the complementary realm. However, this dogma is no longer supported by contemporary science. Rather the new biology and scientific awareness has already and will continue to blow apart such values by demonstrating to us in a scientific way that mind and body are not separate entities and what the mind believes, the body creates, this new awareness is supported by Dr Bruce Lipton PhD author of ‘’The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matters and Miracles’’. Candace Pert PhD writes in her book ‘‘Molecules of Emotion’’ that mind-body medicine focuses on the interaction between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health.

Mind body medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health. It restores the natural wisdom of the body by uncovering the origins of the disease within the conscious and unconscious mind, and consequently reduces stress and more importantly the effects of stress on the body. When we are physically or emotionally stressed, our body releases stress hormones that can affect all of our systems and organs. Conventional medical practice has a focus on the treatment of the disease using drugs to treat the symptoms of illness and to alter our bio-chemistry using pharmaceuticals but rarely seeks to identify or address the root cause of illness. The Hiddenmind and Bio-Energy therapies seek to get to the root cause of a person’s disorder, disease or illness and to raise the person’s own self-healing power in order to restore them back to full health. This means bringing the person to their highest potential of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-belling. In our experience everything that can help a person achieve this is of value and this includes modern medicine, along with complementary and alternative healing methods as well as good nutrition, lifestyle and attitude. We need to simplify not complicate health.

The Hiddenmind Programme is a healing system founded by Tom Griffin. It is a culmination of his thirty years working with Bio Energy, body work, the investigative and corrective sound therapy. The investigative protocol recruits the power of the subconscious mind to look deeper into the causes of diseases and ailments.

The Hiddenmind programme embraces the hidden potential of the human mind. Its objective is to restore and regenerate the energetic structure of the human person leading to, improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The Hiddenmind Bio-Energy protocol involves a series of energy balancing techniques, using hand movements that balance the life force energy within and around the human body. These energy balancing techniques work on the meridians, chakras and auric fields. Energy should be in a continuous state of flux flowing freely for a healthy state of being. When this energy becomes blocked, stagnant or imbalanced it can negatively affect the wellbeing of the person.

The balancing techniques initially require scanning the energy field and an experienced therapist can locate energy blockages through a developed extra-sensory awareness in their hands. Just applying the techniques can have a very beneficial healing effect. The treatment involves techniques that release, provoke, accumulate and balance the flow of energy in the body. Touch techniques on the head, heart and spine have a therapeutic effect also. Before balancing a client is encouraged to relax by engaging in relaxing breathing techniques and listening to specially chosen music. During the sessions which last from forty-five minutes to an hour other aspects of health such as nutrition, relaxation techniques, geopathic stress, attitude and life-style are discussed. For best results it is advised to partake in three sessions over three consecutive days, however every session is of benefit to the person.

I believe that the future of healthcare lies in shifting some of the responsibility for healing back to the patient. People need to know more about diet and nutritional biochemistry but above all, they need to understand how to listen to their own bodies and be prepared to change their lifestyle, their mind-set and their thinking. It may well be that as mind-body and energy healing progresses medications can be reduced and in some cases the need for drug based medicines eliminated. In this way people are more likely to heal their diseases and become stronger and wiser in the process.

The Hiddenmind Investigative and corrective sound protocol differs from but is highly complementary to the bio-energy process in that there is a verbal questioning of the subconscious mind of the client to identify the hidden causes of diseases and symptoms. Questions come in the form of statements that are designed to elicit exact information stored in the subconscious mind of the client in regard to their physical, mental, emotional, bio-chemical and environmental well-being. The subconscious of the client is recruited as it is accepted that the subconscious contains innate information about a person’s health that cannot be elicited through normal scientific investigative procedures.

The subconscious mind can be likened to the internet or the body’s invisible library. In order to access the internet one needs to have a computer and use a search engine to access information. The medium used by the Hiddenmind programme is dowsing.   Dowsing is the art of using a pendulum as a medium to indicate the truth or non-truth of a statement or question which is directed to the subconscious mind of the client during the investigative process.  During a therapists training an agreement is set up between the conscious and subconscious mind of the therapist that their pendulum will spin to indicate a true or false or yes or no answer.  Dowsing is a bio-feedback mechanism which has a very rich and deep history.  Each therapist through intensive training and experience is confident that the investigative protocol will elicit the most accurate information the subconscious mind of the client will allow.

The investigative protocol can be used to find the energetic factors related to any disease or ailment and none more so than in the case of special needs. In dealing with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, dyspraxia and autism subtle information regarding birth shock and hereditary problems like meridian malfunctions or perpetuating gene faults downloaded from the child’s bloodline while still in the womb can be clearly identified and deleted with the special sound frequencies.  Any blockages to the correct development of the child’s brain can be identified and corrected through the programme.

The book ‘’Hiddenmind: A Journey of Reconnection’’  by Tom griffin and Dr. Nuala Bent gives an excellent explanation of the Hiddenmind process.  It outlines the treasure trove of scientific research to give credibility to complimentary therapy and contains an in-depth explanation of the bio-energy and the investigative and corrective sound protocol.  It also contains numerous testimonies from years of clinical practice.

In his foreword to our book ‘Hiddenmind: a journey of reconnection’ the late Jan de Vries states “Their book ’Hiddenmind’ goes deeply into the realms of Bio Energy work and explains the special techniques that Tom has developed for those with special needs.  From looking at the underlying causes of problems to specific conditions, the work could be described as ground-breaking and it will certainly make its mark in history”

We are living through times of great change and it is our hope to help people reach their highest potential, to become more aware of the nature of our reality, our existence and to be able to live life to the full while experiencing the full spectrum of what it means to be human. We are not the same people as we once were and will never be the same again.  It is the nature of life that everything grows and changes throughout its lifespan, let us all come to know that health and happiness are our birth right just as the strength to overcome adversity in our lives is our right.   It is each person’s responsibility to realise this potential but no man or woman is an island, we are social beings.   If we help someone in need today then there is a great chance that they will lend a hand, an ear or a heart in turn when it is needed.  A society full of healthy self-aware individuals will inevitably become a healthy and robust society. 

Thomas Griffin Founder of Hiddenmind

Represented in South Africa by Diana Smith. 

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